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As a result of the passage of the Jessica Lunsford Act (HB 1877) during the 2005 legislative season, contracted personnel/vendors, including architects, are required to meet a Level 2 background screening requirement that includes any individual or employees of any firm under contract with the school board providing services on school grounds while students are present.

Definition of contractor/vendor

Any vendor, individual or entity under contract with a public school or school district, or employees of a non-instructional contractor or subcontractor, who receives payment for services or work performed for the school or school district.

Mandatory photo I.D. badge for contracted personnel/vendors to be worn when on school grounds

The 2013 Florida Legislature passed House Bill 21, regarding the background screening of non-instructional contractors/vendors. This act became effective July 1, 2013. This legislation creates the requirement for a uniform, statewide photo identification badge to be worn by non-instructional contractors/vendors when on school grounds. The badge is proof that the contractor/vendor has met the level 2 screening standards set forth in s. 1012.467, F.S.

How do I obtain a contractor/vendor photo I.D. badge?

If you are an approved vendor to provide services to Miami- Dade County Public Schools, and your work would require you to have access to any of our schools while students are present, then you will need to be fingerprinted and cleared through a level 2 process in order to obtain the contractor/vendor photo I.D. badge. If you already have a valid statewide contractor/vendor photo I.D. badge from another school district in Florida, then you will not need to be fingerprinted by Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

What are the next steps after I have been fingerprinted in order to obtain my contractor/vendor I.D. badge?

The Fingerprint Office will provide you with an Information Sheet detailing what are the next steps to be followed in this process.

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